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Business and Industry

Presque County is located in the Northeast corner of Michigan's Lower Peninsula. Business and Industry that thrives in our area include:

  • Agriculture

  • Mining

  • Forestry

  • Steel Fabrication

  • Outdoor Recreation

  • Aerospace-Restricted Air Space


From its rich history and quality-of-life benefits, to its growing economy and competitive advantages for businesses, Presque Isle County is a great place to live, learn, work and play.


Presque Isle County is located along Lake Huron on the northeastern shore of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. The County has an area of 678 square miles (approximately 433,928 acres), which includes 72 miles of shoreline. The County has three lighthouses and three marinas located on Lake Huron. Presque Isle also contains four state parks; Hoeft State Park, Onaway State Park, Rockport State Park, and Thompson Harbor State Park located also south of Rogers City.

Lower Cost of Doing Business

Presque Isle offers numerous cost benefits over business operations in larger cities. We offer quality talent and expertise at an affordable rate, low business operating costs and a low cost for land and real estate. 

Strategic Location Along the Great Lakes
Along the shores of Lake Huron, Presque Isle offers a deep water port, and high wires to accommodate shipping activity. There is also an airport, allowing you to ship and receive supplies, as well as travel.

Contact us today to learn more about why Presque Isle is the perfect place to grow your business.

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