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Business Owner Testimonials

Our Business Owner Partners share why they love doing business in Presque Isle County.

ONAWAY, MI – “Presque Isle County has been a wonderful place to do business. PIC helped with the High-Wire Corridor, which we still use to ship large modular weldments from our facility in Onaway to our port in Rogers City. This corridor is available to anyone that needs to move large product to the port and is a huge asset to the region. The combined logistics of the High-Wire Corridor & Port in Presque Isle County allow us to be competitive in the large fabrication & marine markets which drive the dominant portion of our business. We are glad to do business here.”

Lee Fayssoux, Moran Iron Works Sales & Marketing

Cadillac Products Automotive Company

ROGERS CITY, MI - “Cadillac Products provides a vast array of protective plastic, acoustical parts, and door watershields, to satisfy consumer demands with superior excellence and quality performance. Operating in Rogers City since 1964, our team consistently focuses on adhering to the highest level of safety, quality, and productivity. The company is owned by the Williams Family and is now managed by the fourth generation. The company appreciates the Culture, Commitment and Community of Presque Isle County and looks forward to being part of future generations.”


Jim Williams Cadillac Products Marketing Manager  




ROGERS CITY, MI - “Carmeuse started out as a small family-run business in Belgium in 1860. Today, we are a global performance materials and services company with core competencies in mining, equipment, and engineering solutions. We impact everyday life with our mineral-based products and integrated services. For more than 160 years, we have built our business on trust and integrity. We collaborate with the people we serve – our customers, our communities and our people. The Carmeuse, Calcite Operation located in Rogers City, MI was opened in 1912. The purity of the limestone, the proximity to Lake Huron, and our strong roots in and support from the community make Calcite a truly unique quarry. Although ownership has changed many times throughout the years, Calcite remains prosperous as one of the largest open pit limestone quarries in the world, and continues to pride itself on its service and support to the area, our employees and our customers. Thanks to the foresight of our founders and current leaders, we have been and will continue to be an integral part of this wonderful community for many more generations.”


Erika M. Comerford  Carmeuse, Calcite Operation  

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